Friends in Need is a way for people affected by depression to meet online and in their local area. It’s free to join and a great way to share support.


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Talking to people who understand how you feel can make a huge difference

Through Friends in Need you can chat online, find others who share your interests and meet up with people near you.

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Friends in Derby

Looking for people in Derby to chat or meet up sometime

Started by flower_lic
10 months ago

Will chat about anything, living in Derby

Literally need someone to talk to or even listen to what other people are talking about

Started by bengdfk
1 hour ago

Anyone from Derby?

Looking for friends in derby, I am going through a bad stage and I feel lonely, so if anyone would like to be my friend then join and message me

Started by [Disabled]
2 years ago

Looking for friends in London

Hi. My name's Charlotte. I'm 26 years old and live in London and have struggled with depression/emetophobia/anxiety/OCD since I was 13 years old. Through my struggle I isolated myself from friends and many of them were scared away at the fact I had a mental health condition. I have since found it very hard to make friends and come across people who have had similar experiences and have similar interests. So this group is for anybody who feels the same and is looking for friends :)


Wanting to make genuine friends

The group is aimed at meeting like-minded people for friendship. I would like to make friends who understand social anxiety and depression. I am a very supportive and kind person and would like to make friends who could support and be there for me too. I'm in my 20's from London. Near Woodford. I would like to meet people near North and East London as well as maybe Essex and Hertfordshire. We could chat online and meet in real life when we feel comfortable.

Started by angel-k
3 years ago
London E18UK

Feeling alone and down

For anyone who what's to chat about your feelings

Started by benhall1
3 years ago

Meet up make new friends like you

You can talk to people like you so you know your not alone or make friends to meet up up with if alone

Started by kyliemiller123
4 years ago

Make New Friends

I'm lonely and looking for some friends that can relate to what i am going through. We can talk about absolutely anything... our problems, hopes for the future, music, politics, animals, work, family etc. This group is about finding people who are on the same wavelength as you

Started by quel
1 year ago

Anxiety, Depression, Loneliness ...

This is about depression and anxiety, worry and feelings of guilt. Sometimes this world can be a lonely place, and the felling that no one cares or understands how you fell. Felling Lost, Confused and Indecisive can make you fell what's the point of being here trapped. Also I have discovered that an issue I have since a young age still here and I'm aware of it now, it makes more sense. It's called - Body Dysmorphic Disorder - An eg: ocd/obsession + anorexia it can be similar to body dysmorphic disorder.

Started by kelkelinha
3 years ago

Let's explore London!

Hi i'm Lukas! I'm from coulsdon which is greater london (Not far off Croydon which may be more of a known area?) and i like travelling. I spend a lot of my free time going up to London and exploring all it has to offer. I like to walk around new areas, go to the parks, museums, see the sights, attractions etc. If anyone would be interested in meeting up wether one on one or as a small group to do some day activitivies then please let me know! I am more prone to starting earlier rather then afternoon but i'm flexible. We can arrange all the details when we have enough people :)

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Whether you are affected by depression or you’re supporting someone with depression, our community can help you:

  • Maintain recovery
  • Meet new people
  • Challenge yourself
  • Share your experiences
  • Make a difference

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